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Big Sur Experience

photography workshop

July 20-21st 2019


About Us

Slater and Jude met in 2019 and ended up having a conversation around their life long passions. They decided to start hosting photography workshops that would combine both land and sea adventures enabling them to share their passions both photography and nature with others and thus Epic Voyages was born.


Slater Moore

Hello!! My name is Slater Moore and i’m a professional photographer and drone pilot based out of Monterey, CA. My passion is geared towards marine life and capturing images and video to pull people closer to the wild world. I’ve been photographing on the ocean since 2012, and have been working on fishing and whale watching boats as a deckhand and even captain for several years prior.

Jude Allen

Hey there, my name is Jude Allen and i’m a professional landscape and travel photographer based out of San Francisco, CA. My passion is going on adventures around the world, photographing the beauty I witness along the way and sharing it with others. I also enjoy sharing my energy and passion of photography with others by teaching them the skills they need to unlock their potential.